Where to find VeniceBox

You can find VeniBox at all of Venice’s main hotels. If you have already booked, just ask the reception.

At this point you’ll be able to view the available choice of packages and choose the one that’s best for you. It will contain all of the necessary passes, plus a host of bargain deals.

VeniceBox online

Buying VeniceBox online is very easy: just select the quantity of packages of each type of package you want and pay with any major credit cards. There is also a useful guided procedure to help you customize your package depending on the length of your stay, the types of hobbies you prefer, the type and quantity of sites you want to visit. Basically, a personal guide to help you set up you trip in the most convenient way possible.

When ordering you will also have to specify which delivery option you want, because depending on this, you’ll be able to optimize the proposal.

To purchase online click here

Where and how to collect VeniceBox

Once you buy VeniceBox online you’ll be able choose two ways of collecting it.

  • Delivered to your home
  • Collect it in Venice.

But consider that by having it delivered at home also allows you to customize your package. See details below.

Delivered to your home Collect it in Venice
What to select when buying
  • All of the options and customizations you want
  • Shipping address
  • Starting and collection date
  • Which of the available basic packages
Collecting/receiving point Conveniently at home
  • At your hotel (if affiliated)
  • At one of the collection points
Delivery times You choose when buying. Express, three-day delivery is available The time it takes to get to the hotel or affiliated collection point.
Flexible time in which to use it Within three months of the date on your order form It must be collected within 10 days of the date on the order form.
It can be used even before getting to Venice proper, such as, at airports, taxis, parking, and so on) YES NO
Customizable YES NO
Discounts and affiliates for Marco Polo International Airport parking YES NO
Shipping costs YES NO

Collecting points

If you selected the option to get your Veniceboxes when you arrive, you can do it in one of our collecting points, as listed below .

  • Venice Center (Rialto)