What is VeniceBox?

It's a package deal featuring everything you need to enjoy Venice.

VeniceBox is the only solution that lets you enjoy your holidays in Venice in total relaxations and without worries. It comes with various passes that simplify the usual organizational tasks one faces when visiting a new city. Even before getting to Venice: from parking to using the city buses, from the airport to the water-buses once you are in Venice proper.

With VeniceBox you get
  • an affiliate transport smart-pass. This pass has an embedded chip, which is pre-charged according to the package deal you buy so you can start using public means of transport right away. Just wave it close to the reader units on board the buses or at water-bus stops and you can walk to the front of any line.
  • A pass to give you free admittance to museums while skipping any queues (depending on the package deal you buy).
  • A coupon worth €50.00 overall.
  • A handy map of Venice.

Move around freely

This means you can freely move about, and even get lost from time to time without worrying about rigid schedules. One of the best ways to see Venice is by water-bus. With this pass you won't have any hitches, just wonderful surprises, and, the more you use it, the more it's worth it. Usually, after the first day of use you are already saving money compared to buying public transport tickets in Venice.

Save time and money

The affiliated pass gives you lots of discounts at numerous stores and other attractions. Just show your pass when paying to get the benefits it warrants. All affiliated businesses have a VeniceBox sticker on their shop windows, but you may want to ask the shop assistants or owners anyway. Their number just keeps on increasing. Check the up-to-date list of affiliated stores and businesses in which to use you pass.

Depending on the package deal you buy, you can also get free admittance to the city's best museums, and skip any queues at the entrance. The museums included in the pass may differ from package deal to package deal. The benefits of VeniceBox are indeed many.
  • Free admittance to any museums on the list.
  • Priority admittance at the most visited and crowded locations: you'll be able to skip the queue (check out the list to see where the best spots are to collect your tickets).
  • A free map of the city full of useful details to help you save time. If it's your first time in Venice, you really appreciate this!!
  • There are over 50 affiliated stores and businesses in which to get discounts.
  • Free transportation: ALWAYS!
The buzzword it SAVINGS, of time and money. With VeniceBox these are ensured.

Goodbye vacation stress: VeniceBox is very user-friendly

What's more, our main objective is to provide you with a way to really enjoy your vacation, without having to waste time and energy to move about the city. We are travelers just like you are, and we are aware that wasting time standing in lines or not being able to get to a place you wish to visit or having limited tickets and money are the worst things that can happen during a vacation. VeniceBox solves this. Another buzzword is SIMPLICITY.

VeniceBox takes care of things for you. Even before they happen. Also, think about the benefit of having per-charged tickets and admittances on your pass: you won't have to carry lots of cash on you or to stand in line at ATMs to withdraw. So, just RELAX!! VeniceBox is there to do away with the usual vacation stress factors: no more tight budgets, route restrictions, stringent schedules, searching for tickets, and long lines... just travel with VeniceBox, and simply enjoy this wonderful city.